Wounded Survivor

This morning while walking my dog, praying and talking to God, this dropped in my spirit….

Some of you are wounded and only surviving because you’re going through the robotic motions. 

At that moment I begin to see people bleeding out and still trying to operate through their daily functions. Basically going through their life as a Robot only operating by life’s command. Whatever was presented they accepted it and kept going. It was an acceptance of defeat!

I then prayed and ask God not to allow me to go through robotic motions. I do not want to experience my life accepting everything thrown at me, not doing anything about it, and still attempting to navigate through my familiar routine. I will not live my life as a desensitized robot.

A robot can only do what it’s told to do. It can only function based upon the commands its operator/master has given. It has no feelings or own thought process. You basically push a programmed button and it goes. Goes without questioning or fighting back and that’s exactly what we expect it to do.

Until there’s a malfunction or breakdown…..

That’s where some of us are right now or have been before. We have allowed things in our lives to put us in a Robotic mode. We no longer have feelings, we’re numb and just going through life with our same daily routine.

I began to think of people I know, including myself, that have been bleeding out and still operating at one time or another. If you be honest with yourself, some of you right now are just going through the motions without taking time to process life. You’ve allowed life hardships to overwhelm you to the point where it’s drowning you. You have succumbed to life’s oppositions.

My prayer for you today is that you will stop allowing other things that is meant to throw you off course to command your life. You have given away your power and you need to take back your authority. Fight back!! You don’t have to accept everything that you’re faced with.  Life has a way of sometimes bringing you to a low point, but what you do with that low point will affect you one way or another. Get out of the mindset of just going through the motions and start surviving.

Even though we all know what survive means, here is a little reminder:

Survive– continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship.

You may be wounded, but you will SURVIVE!!

With Love,

Candidly Charmaine


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