Repeat Offender

Disclaimer: This was inspired by love, myself, and the men and women I know who tried it. We all have a type that may or may not work in our favor. However, if we stop putting calculations on love we might see beyond the box that we try to fit it in.

I repetitiously find myself making the wrong choices for love.

I Am a repeat offender of love.

I choose the same role only with a different character. Always trying to save someone only to be let down again.

I’ve tried this love thing a time or two…. naw more like three. No, I don’t have a “type” but at the end I’m always lonely.

I gave him all of my youth now I’m trying to reverse the arms on the clock yet they still won’t stop.

I loved her and opened my heart, still from what she did I don’t know how to restart.

Side piece who? Not me. But giving my heart to the wrong person….constantly.

Why don’t I choose the one who really works hard for me? Yea right, I’d rather go for the one who loves themselves selfishly.

He has this hold on me that won’t let me go or is it the soul ties that is causing this lust to grow.

I know I can love again. I really want to try, but bad judgements always leads to “goodbyes”

Chasing the fun, chasing the thrill. Months later everything is at a stand still.

A repeat offender of love Am I.

Why haven’t I learned the lesson yet? “Girl, he’s this.” “Bro, she’s that.” Then again, if I learn to keep my mouth closed maybe I wouldn’t be down this road.

I’m a lover on a failed mission. I’m a vulture searching for my next prey.

Wait, maybe I should pray and this time it’ll stay.

She’s light skin with a butt; he’s fine with a beard, but that chocolate is always in.

Maybe if I slow down and take time to focus on me. They said love should happen naturally.

No, I want it now! All I see is everyone else enjoying each others smiles.

Look at that new thing she’s flaunting, that should be me. Hold up! I’m tripping, next time I’ll just choose more carefully.

Had I read all the signs and didn’t ignore the red flags this would be different. It’s true that everything happens for a reason, but at the expense of my heart it shouldn’t.

I will now take ownership for the choices that I made. It’s not them it’s me. I keep offending love repetitiously.

With Love,

Candidly Charmaine


C H O O S E  W I S E L Y





One thought on “Repeat Offender”

  1. I should have found your page years and years ago. If this entire bio that I just read don’t represent my continued prison sentence of that thing I defined as love but was not more than a form of rose colored glasses trying to see and swent my eyes to make that rushed BS out to be something that it wasn’t and never was going to be. Now I feel like its too late like I missed it all. Thanks for this….its nice to know I’m not the only woman going through this crazy love thing.


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