Who has Labeled You?

co24Label: a short word or phrase descriptive of a person, group, intellectual movement, etc.

Female, Daughter, Sister, Twin, PK (preacher’s kid), Woman of God, Bestfriend, Girlfriend, Lover, Woman, Wife, Step-mother, First Lady, EX….Divorced, Single

Short, thick, skinny (at one time), beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, stuck up, admirable, down to earth, rude, honest, charming, no filter, understanding, loving, supportive, trustworthy, loyal, go-getter, independent, strong, stubborn, breath of fresh air, “brings the party”, misunderstood….

These have been just a few labels that have been placed on me. I have often questioned why and under whose authority. Who gave people the right to label me?

When we get ready to purchase something, we look on the inside of clothing or on the outside of an item to see what it’s made of. We study and think about what it entails to decide if it’s the best thing for us.

The label helps you make the best “educated guess”, but sometimes the label is wrong. The “fit” doesn’t work, it doesn’t cure the symptoms that you possess, the reviews are bad/ mixed, etc.

The “label” is simply the perception of someone else.

How many times have you bought something and had to return it because the “label” wasn’t fit to your needs? You didn’t have the proper tools needed; you really liked it, but it just didn’t work.

You never really know the ability or the performance unless YOU try it out for yourself. I’ve always been one to make my own decisions about someone or something according to their actions towards me. Basing your opinion solely off others is a disservice to yourself.

Have you ever questioned why someone was labeled? Was it because they stood for something that others would fall for? Was it because everything that the label suggested that sounded good turned out to be a defective product? Or the infamous label “they’re jealous and hating!”

I can go on and on with labels, but at the end of the day labels will make you feel two things. Good or bad! It’s just simple as that.

The way to overcome all of the labels is to be true to thine own self. The perception of others IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM!! If you’re constantly worried about the labels that have been placed on you, you will find yourself always worried about what others think, what you do, or what you say. WHERE’S THE FUN IN THAT?

Listen, I have allowed labels to control me at one time in my life. I was told because of the position I was in that I should “tone things down.” I was taught as a child in a Christian home with parents who are Pastors that we have to hold ourselves in a different manner than others. I couldn’t listen to certain types of music or watch some things on TV or go to certain parties. The judgement of others and the labels THEY placed on what they thought a pastor’s kid should or shouldn’t do taunted me.

When I became a teenager, I found myself questioning these labels that were involuntarily placed on my life. When I reached adulthood, I began to resent some of those labels because I realized they were unfair. Every phase of my life that I have looked back over I find myself missing out on so much just because of a LABEL!!!

Your life is about the choices that you have made. Whether you decided to stand firm or give in, the labels that others have placed on you are irrelevant! I guarantee you, while you’re worried about those labels the same people are living their life. So why not live yours?

Again, who gave people the right to label me? Who gave people the right to label you? Since when have you decided to allow labels to dictate your life? Make the choice today that labels will no longer control you.

Free yourself from the perception of others and drop all of the labels!


With Love,

Candidly Charmaine


8 thoughts on “Who has Labeled You?”

  1. Very good read. I can get jiggy with this. Many of our youth struggle with this exact epidemic today. Way to go


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